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PMI-ACP Certificate

The one I though is hard to achieve but ended up thinking about it easier than PMP.

Finally and after a very long time, I have made what I have considered harder than the PMP, and I was wrong.

It starts with an unexpected course to earn PDUs for PMP certificate renewal, a friend of mine recommended Joseph Phillips course on udemy. I took the course and reported the PDU but never thought to set for the exam until I got a promotional mail from PMI with 150$ discount on exam fees. I started studying again and submitted my PMI-ACP exam application.

I got the audit, sent the documents and failed in that one, I managed to submit again and after a customer care complaint, I got through the audit process.

Another friend of mine recommended some materials for real exam questions, although it wasn’t the same as the exam it helped a lot.

I would list the projects I used in my application, I had a hard time finding the correct format to fill the project details but ended us with the below projects. Have a deep look and map the same criteria I used;

The project aimed to reduce telecom hardware expenditure by 25% through the TRA Benchmark program. The project nature was integration between Planning, Capacity and Deployment teams to utilize the suitable hardware for the required expansions. The planning requirements was evolving based on drive tests iterations.

The challenge was collaboration needed to work together in the team to lower risks and reduce bottlenecks. I focused on creating an environment where each team member can raise risk or issues and made sure to improve team processes by conducting frequent retrospectives. I kept updating the forecast to a certain level of details based on the progressive elaboration of the requirements as we move forward.

The expansion plan was divided per region to provide shippable hardware BoQ shared with deployment teams allowing revision in case of field actions limitations. The delivery schedule was set to be4 weeks allowing continuous improvements of the technical aspects used.

Frequent verification and validation were done with the Planning team resulting in 32% reduction were achieved.

This project aimed to deploy FLTE TDD in the telecom network for VIP clients on GPON waiting list. The challenge of the project was to clear the waiting list which was dynamic and evolving based on market needs. The project was handed over to me due to some issues with the customer “Retail team” complaining about the delivery of the project.

My initial assessment revealed that there was a trust issue as the customer was not engaged.I build the strategy around the transparency principle of agile delivery by creating information radiators followed by posting sticky notes for project activities on the wall of the room.The customer representatives started to see the different aspects of the project, and what was rendered on the wall is matching what we were doing.

As the project continues problems, risks, issues and achievements were clear to the customer on the information radiator through each frequent delivery, allowing for proper validation and verification.

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