Professional  Scrum Master
Agile Project Management is not just a new trend of certificates rather than a new collection of values that help project being mature within its deliverables, and much more..

Months ago I started to think what is the scrum and how it works within an organization to best achieve projects deliverables. I had a colleague who helped me understand the main concept of Sprints and I found it a very interesting article to read about. Later I found myself start thinking in a way of how to adopt sprints in my own work. It was neither successful nor mature enough to deliver the needs. From that point, I started to read more and answer some questions from here and there. Until I decided to set for a PSM I exam in June 2019.

…The certificate has no expiry date :).

The above video is an introduction to the Scrum framework that can explain more, and in details, about the Scrum itself. I admit that watching videos can deliver the information in a way better than just reading notes or blog posts, so I added this video which is a bit longer than expected but with tons of knowledge about Scrum.

This framework is very simple to understand but hard to be implemented. That is one thing that all Scrum members “Product Owner, Scrum Master or Scrum development team” agreed on. And it’s very obvious through the exam which is full of case scenarios that will actually help to demonstrate the knowledge and how to implement.

I also added the resources I used to study and prepare for the exam in this post. Which is primarily starts with the Scrum Guide, that is 19 pages long and in an easy to understand vocabulary. This guide will maximum takes 5 days to read and understand, but exam simulation resources will take much longer to achieve 100% before sitting for the exam “don’t think about sitting for the exam if you scored less than 100%”.

I would recommend going through and exploring the learning pathways too. This is not a single certificate that has no expiry date, but a pathway that is well-recognized in business, maybe more in the IT domain than other ICT.

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