The power of  Video
I never thought that the presentations are going that way...

A couple of months before, a friend of mine asked me to find a way to present an official presentation to his top management. The presentation was related to a high technical solution and how it impacted the network, touching the main concept of how the implementation and the successful deployment of the technology took place.

…Presentation skills are not related to the amount of information you have

He suggested going for a video presentation taking advantage of some audio tracks that can male the audience highly engaged with him. Well, that was a great idea. But my experience was limited to Windows Movie Maker if you still member it 🙂

After a long search, almost 2 days, I found that a great website called Powtoon. There are some people there who really think out of the box.

Try to avoid going deep into the technical details of the video, and focus on how such a video can force engage the audience in your presentation. I admired the idea of creating a video for an official meeting MEMO they have there.

But going to the ground rule, the amount of information you have nothing to do with the power of the presentation, whether it’s a presentation slide or video. The power of presentation can simply deliver to the audience that you have a lot to say.

That expression can result in a full attention mixed with loving what they see. Which is the main goal of the presenter.

But who knows when and where a video will dominate the presentation skills !

I took my stand in this and starts to make some promotional videos for my apps and website that I will post them later.

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